The Indian Way to Good Mental Health


25 hours recorded session

Fee – ₹ 2,000

Know what is emotional intelligence and how to improve it.
There are 25 recorded speeches of 30 minutes each.
You can go with your pace to listen these videos.
You can learn four key elements of emotional intelligence and different techniques and exercises to practice it.
There will be online evaluation session at the end.You have to write answers in the Google form After completion of it, you will get participation certificate from SSASP.

motional intelligence can have a surprisingly powerful effect on our lives, from our ability to foster long-term relationships with friends and romantic partners to whether we’re able to succeed in career or pursue meaningful work that gives us a sense of purpose.
In this course, you’ll learn four key elements of emotional intelligence and uncover some negative and positive real-life examples of each. Most importantly, this course teaches you habits and skills you can practice to improve your well-being by cultivating greater emotional intelligence.

Throughout a single day, chances are you’ll experience a range of emotions—joy, frustration, contentment, sadness, anxiety—depending on how that particular day unfolds. As with other human traits, how you experience and express emotions is a result of both nature and nurture: your genetic legacy and the myriad experiences you live through, starting from the moment of your birth.
Maybe you’re the type of person who expresses emotions openly. Or perhaps you tend to keep them to yourself.
Either way, your emotions have a major effect on your behavior. And your behavior—your words, actions, and facial expressions—affects how well you navigate your day-to-day life.
In this course you can learn third and more healthy option to deal with your emotions.

People differ in how adept they are at recognizing emotions, both in themselves and in others, and how well they’re able to use that understanding in constructive ways. This capacity, known as emotional intelligence, can have a surprisingly powerful effect on our lives, from our ability to foster long-term relationships and whether we’re able to succeed in careers.
In a nutshell, emotional intelligence refers to the ability to identify and regulate our own emotions, to recognize the emotions of other people and feel empathy toward them, and to use these abilities to communicate effectively and build healthy, productive relationships with others. Healthy, productive relationships not only are key to our psychological well-being, they’re also vital to physical health.

Fortunately, emotional intelligence is not simply an inborn ability, something you do or don’t have. If you put your mind and heart to the task, you can learn the necessary skills to improve your emotional intelligence. In this course, you’ll find a short explanation of how emotions originate in the brain and affect the body, emotion’s role in evolution, and a brief history of the concept of emotional intelligence
You can learn
How ancient techniques are useful to improve emotional intelligence and how to use them in day to day life.
You’ll learn four key elements of emotional intelligence:
• self-awareness
• self-regulation
• social awareness
• conflict management skills.
You can learn and practice attention training and mindfulness in six months course. It is useful for your whole life.


TWO Weeks weekend workshops

Fee – ₹ 5000

Two days live workshop.
You can learn and practice these exercises in actual weekend workshop.
There are total six interactive sessions of two hours each
10 am to 12,
12.15 to 2.15
3 pm to 5 pm
You can learn different exercises to improve four elements of emotional intelligence.


SIX months distance learning course

Fee – ₹ 15,000

Six months certificate course is in depth training and hand holding to improve four elements of emotional intelligence.
It is not easy to implement information in own life and develop the skill to recognize own emotions and improve emotional awareness.
Understanding others emotions that is empathy is also skill, which is very important to improve relationships.
You will get recorded 12 audios of ten minutes to practice mindfulness exercises to improve emotional intelligence.It is recommended that you can practice each exercise for fifteen days.
There will be weekly two times online coaching by trained mindfulness therapist for practicing these audio, implementation skills in day to day life and to solve difficulties
After six months there will be online evaluation and you will get Certificate in Emotional intelligence from SSASP.