Paulo Barone

Prof. Barone has degree in Medicine (Rome) & degree in Philosophy (Turin). He is also specialist in Psychiatry (Rome) & psychoanalytic training (jungian field).

Prof. Barone is currently serving as Training Analyst in Italian Association for Analytical Psychology ( AIPA) Professor of Philosophy, Paris 8 University,  Italy.
He is also Ordinary Member of the Italian and International Association for Analytical Psycology. He has delivered various conferences & seminars Internationally.

Prof. Barone is experienced as Practising Psychoanalyst.He is also Organizing Committee Member “Cultural Activities” of Italian Association for Analytical Psycology (Section of Milan).He is a Scientific Committee Member “VIDAS” (Assistance Terminally Ill Patient Association), Milan. He is the Editor of the philosophical review “aut aut”, Director: Pier Aldo Rovatti, Milan. He is the Translator Committee Member (from German, French and English) of “Raimon Panikkar’s Collected Works”, “Opera Omnia”, edited by Milena Carrara, published in Italy by Jaca Book, Milan. He is the Contributor of the Literary Page, “Il Manifesto”. He is Responsible for a series of books entitled “East Visions”, published in Italy by Vivarium, Milan.

Prof. Barone is the author of Dalla fiaba alla psicosi, Età della polvere, Lo junghism, Spensierarsi, Utopia del presente, Mystical Survival, Benares. Atlante del XXI secolo.

Prof. Barone is the translator of Il ritmo dell’essere, Parliamo dello stesso Dio?, Kierkegaard e Śankara.