Dr. Shrinivas Tilak

Dr. Shrinivas Tilak (b. 1939) is an independent researcher based in Montréal. He immigrated to Canada in 1965 earning his B. A. (Asian studies) and M. A. (history and philosophy of religion) from Concordia University, Montréal. He holds a Ph. D. in history of religions from McGill University, Montréal and has lectured at several universities in Canada. His interests include Indology, cultural gerontology, and hermeneutics.

Dr Tilak’s publications include The Myth of Sarvodaya: A Study of Vinoba’s Concept (New Delhi: Breakthrough Communications, 1984); Religion and aging in the Indian tradition (Albany, NY: State University of New York Press, 1989),Understanding karma in light of Paul Ricoeur’s philosophical anthropology and hermeneutics (Charleston, SC: Book Surge Publications, 2007), and Reawakening to a secular Hindu nation: M.S. Golwalkar’s vision of a dharmasāpekşaHindurāşţra (Charleston, SC: BookSurge Publications, 2008).